Monkey Tales

An innovative holistic childcare centre for young toddlers that incorporates 21st century learning methods for hands-on knowledge gaining and practical activities for a fun-filled academic experience. 

About Me

I am Ophelia, a professional childcare specialist with over 10 years of experience

Toddlers have so much potential, but we hold them back too much for safety

With Little Monkey Tales, I sought to create a childcare centre that doesn’t only exist to take care of children, but to let them go on their own tales of growth and self-discovery. I wanted them to receive a holistic upbringing worthy of their true potential and the efforts of their dear parents. 

Friendly, Safe, and Fun

Our centre’s primary focus is to take care of your child, while nurturing their creativity

Team of Experienced Caretakers

Our team is made up of experienced childcare experts with more than decades of experience in child education. 

Free Meals, Bathtime, and More

We provide your little toddler a healthy selection of free meals, and have readied essential amneties to support them.

Livefeed from our application

Parents can always view their child as our childcare centre is connected to our app that showcases the centre 24/7 via cameras. 

What parents have to say about our centre

"My toddler comes back home talking so much about how she enjoyed playing pirates and going on adventures at Little Monkey Tales. It's so nice to see her express herself more thanks to the caretakers there"

Sandra Vanakum

"My young 9 year old made so many new friends at the centre. He came back telling stories that I absolutely adore hearing"

Ulma Farma

"I feel safe letting Little Monkey Tales take care of my children, especially being able to see them develop their brilliant young minds".

Scott Rodico

"My children couldn't wait to go back to the childcare centre and continue to learn all sorts of fun knowledgable tidbits. They tell me the food is more yummy than mine too, which means I better step up my game!"

Anna Montadrigo

The latest from the blog

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The best way to maintain children’s attention in a classroom is to provide fun activities that get them excited and help them unwind. 

The term “holistic education” may be a new term to many, but it has actually existed for many decades already.